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Molly is in some deep poop once Moriarty comes back




1) He under-estimated her and that pretty much F’D up his entire plan. For a man with his ego, that has to scar.

2) Knows now she’s important to Sherlock

3) Not only did she dump him, she forced him to watch Glee while they were still together. He may just kill her for that fact alone.

I hope Molly learns Kung Fu or something come series 4.

I may have laughed harder than necessary…

Every fairy tale needs it’s Damsel in Distress…


All of Gavroche’s friends think he’s so cool for having all these twenty-something friends with cars and jobs and flats but whenever they gush about how cool they are he just sighs because they are literally the lamest people he has ever met and he doesn’t know why they are actually allowed to have cars and jobs and flats

"all they do is yell about politics and kiss each other when they think no one is watching!"

2014 so far











January: Selfie Olympics

February: Flappy Bird

lets see how the rest of the year goes

March: No Oscar for Leonardo DeCaprio


April: it’s a metaphors, you’re a metaphors, we are a metaphor, if I see another metaphor I’m going to kill someone





Wonder how July is gonna be

i will keep reblogging this each month






*cracks knuckles* (I’m still fairly new to this ship, so please forgive me.)

1. Who made the first move?

Sherlock: Move? Define ‘move’.
Molly: Sherlock.
Sherlock: It’s a perfectly ambiguous question. How can I expect to give a proper answer without clarification?
Molly: Sherlock.
Sherlock: No, Molly, you’re not understanding! I need to know exactly what they mean by—
Molly: SHERLOCK! (blushes) I mean, it was Sherlock who kissed me first.
Sherlock: Oh. (pause) Why didn’t they just ask who kissed whom first, then?
Molly: (facepalm)

2. Who said “I love you” first?

Sherlock: Molly. Sentiment’s not really my area, is it?
Molly: (aside to interviewer) He has said it, but only when… (blushes)

3. Do you fight?

Sherlock: Yes, yes. Isn’t that what boring people do? Squabble over nothing.
Molly: Nothing like where you keep your experiments?
Sherlock: (rolls eyes) I liked you so much better before you slapped me for testing positive for drugs.
Molly: No, you didn’t.
Sherlock: No, I didn’t.

4. Big spoon/Little spoon?

Molly: (blushes) He’s quite taller than me, isn’t he?
Sherlock: How many more stupid question must we answer? (rises)
Molly: (slightly quivering voice) Sit back down, Sherlock. We’re going to finish this interview or, so help me, you won’t get another body part to experiment on for at least a month!
Sherlock: Fine. (pouts)

5. Who wears the pants?

Sherlock: I wear pants; she wears knickers.
Molly: I think they mean—
Sherlock: I know, I know. Who is the dominant one in the relationship. Boring. (rolls eyes) If I went in for that sort of thing, I would have dated The Woman.
Molly: You didn’t?
Sherlock: Why ever would you think I had?
Molly: Because when you came to identify her body—(drops to a whisper)—you did it by her…you know.
Sherlock: (laughs) Oh, Molly, don’t be daft. The first time we met, she was nude. Girlfriends aren’t really my area.
Molly: Except for me.
Sherlock: Yes, clearly.

6. Who remembers anniversaries?

Molly: Obviously me.
Sherlock: Obviously.

7. Who’s the better cook?

Molly: Me again.
Sherlock: Mrs. Hudson.
Molly: (glares at Sherlock)
Sherlock: But of the two of us, it’s Molly.

8. Favorite activity?

Sherlock: Solving murder—but not the boring ones.
Molly: I think they’re asking what our favorite activity to do together is.
Sherlock: As I said: solving murder.
Molly: You do that with John.
Sherlock: And you. (rare genuine smile)
Molly: (blushes) Solving murder, it is then.

9. How would you get engaged?

Sherlock: (exasperated sigh) Boring.
Molly: Not for me.
Sherlock: I suppose you’ll want dinner at a posh restaurant and candles and a ring in the champagne glass—and all those other boring conventions.
Molly: No, I… I don’t need all that. I just want to be… I want to matter enough.
Sherlock: But you do, Molly. I wouldn’t bother with all this if you didn’t count.

10. How do you picture your wedding?

Sherlock: (indecipherable noises of exasperation)
Molly: I haven’t—I mean, we haven’t really thought about it. John’s wedding was nice.
Sherlock: Oh god, no.
Molly: You know how to fold the napkins. And you know how to dance. Mary told me.
Sherlock: Molly, don’t tease me. I’m not in the mood.
Molly: (little smile)

11. How many kids?

Sherlock: I suppose we’ll have to have at least one. I’ll never hear the end of it from my parents otherwise—or John.
Molly: (stunned) You want children?
Sherlock: Not particularly, but since Mycroft is unlikely to fulfill that familial obligation, it falls to me.
Molly: (still stunned)
Sherlock: Is that it? Are we finished? Thank god.



Thank you! (Sorry it took so long to get to this one!)

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  • Baby Hooper-Holmes:

    Uncle Mycroft, let's play a game!

  • Mycroft:

    -smiles indulgently- Sure, little one. What do you want to play?

  • Baby Hooper-Holmes:

    "Who do you love more?"

  • Mycroft:

    -chortles- Sure, baby. Ask away!

  • Baby Hooper-Holmes:

    Who do you love more: my Daddy or my Mummy?

  • Mycroft:

    -side eyes Sherlock teasingly- Your Mummy, because she carried you and here you now are!

  • Sherlock:

    I helped!

  • Molly and Mycroft:


  • Sherlock:

    -mumbles- Well, I did.

  • Baby Hooper-Holmes:

    Okay! Who do you love more: Mummy or me?

  • Mycroft:

    -without hesitation- You!

  • Baby Hooper-Holmes:

    -giggles- Yay! I love you too, Uncle! Next: Who do you love more: Auntie Anthea or cake?

  • Sherlock and Molly:

    -try to disguise their laughter as coughs- - FAIL-

  • Mycroft:

    -rolls his eyes at Molly and Sherlock- I love your Aunt Anthea more, of course!

  • Baby Hooper-Holmes:


  • Mycroft:

    Your Aunt Anthea is an excellent baker.

  • Anthea:

    -deadpans- I'm divorcing you, Mycroft.

  • John:

    You're married? O_O

  • Molly, Sherlock, Mycroft, and Mary:

    Do keep up, John.

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